What is the Lollipop Cloud project?

  • The Lollipop Cloud is born of a desire to self host when nomadic, facilitating sync when away from a reliable connection, or just wanting to leave the various corporate clouds that harvest your data.
  • It’s an attempt to lower the friction of self hosting. Preferably with a Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, or other lean, small ARM mini-computer boards.
  • It’s an attempt to empower users so you can control your own destiny online.
  • It’s open source
  • A cloud in a very small box is the goal. A box the size of a credit card or as big as a rack mount server. YOU decide.

Getting Involved

If you’re daring, everything we’re doing lives on our Gitea instance (link).

The main docs are here (link) and are being actively improved. This is the best starting point for deploying your own Lollipop Cloud.