Hello, Lollipop Cloud, here. How can we help?

Getting In Touch

If you’d like to get in touch with the Lollipop Cloud team members, we have a few different options.

Please note: ALL of our chat rooms are bridged together using Matterbridge (link). Nicknames will be shown as “(PROTO) NICK” when messages are sent.

Clarifying Terms

The protol that received the message (matrix, xmpp, others)
The nickname a user has set


We currently run an open general chat room on the Matrix network. The room is at

If you don’t have a Matrix account and would like to connect as a guest via your browser you can head to with your favorite browser to get in touch.


We currently run an open MUC (multi-user) general chat room on the XMPP network. The room is and you can connect with your preferred XMPP client and account.